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Table 3 Genes encoding GH6, GH7 and GH45 enzymes sequenced in this study or found in GenBank

From: Cellulolytic potential of thermophilic species from four fungal orders

Fungus GH6 GH7 GH45
C. senegalense HG313865a HG313873a HG313881a
C. thermophilum AAY88915.1b AAW64926.1b EGS20050.1b
C. thermophilus HG313866a HG313874a HG313883a
M. albomyces CAH05671.1b CAD56667.1b CAD56665.1b
R. thermophila HG313871a HG313878a HG313886a
S. indonesiacum HG313872a HG313879a HG313887a
S. thermophilum BAB39154.1b BAA09785.1b BAA74956.1b
M. cinnamomea CAH05679.1b HG313889a HG313885a
T. byssochlamydoides HG313868a HG313876a NRc
T. emersonii AAL33604.4b AAL33603.2b CAJ75963.1b
T. leycettanus HG313869a HG313877a NRc
T. thermophilus NRc NRc NRc
T. aurantiacus NRc CAM98447.1b HG313884a
T. lanuginosus NRc ABR57319.1b NRc
R. miehei NRc This studya,d HG313888a
T. indicae-seudaticae NRc NRc HG313880a
  1. aThis study.
  2. bGenBank.
  3. cNR: Not reported.
  4. dToo short sequence for submission to the public databases but can be found as Additional file 1.