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Table 5 Analysis of PHA synthase activity in wild-type  Burkholderia  sp. and transformant  C  .  necator 

From: Revelation of the ability of Burkholderi a sp. USM (JCM 15050) PHA synthase to polymerize 4-hydroxybutyrate monomer

Strain PHA synthase sp act (U/g of protein)a References
Burkholderia sp. USM (JCM 15050) 151 This study
C. necator PHB¯4 (pBBR1MCS-2 phaC Bs BH) 243 This study
C. necator H16 180 Schubert et al., [1988]
  1. a One unit of enzyme activity was defined as the amount of enzyme that catalyzed the release of 1.0 μmol CoA/min.