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Figure 1

From: Revelation of the ability of Burkholderi a sp. USM (JCM 15050) PHA synthase to polymerize 4-hydroxybutyrate monomer

Figure 1

Multiple alignment of the partial deduced amino sequences of  phaC  of  Burkholderia  sp. USM (JCM 15050) with corresponding phaC sequence from Burkholderia vietnaminesis G4 (Genbank accession no. YP_001119557.1), Burkholderia sp. DSMZ9242 (GenBank accession no. AAF23364.1), Cupriavidus necator H16 (GenBank accession no. YP725940.1), Chromobacterium sp. USM2 (Genbank accession no. ADL70203.1) and Delftia acidovorans (Genbank accession no. BAA33155.1).

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