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Table 3 Amino acid sequence comparison of the ORFs identified in pnp gene cluster of Burkholderia sp. strain SJ98

From: Branching of the p-nitrophenol (PNP) degradation pathway in burkholderia sp. Strain SJ98: Evidences from genetic characterization of PNP gene cluster

ORF Similar protein Predicted function % Identity Score E-value Accession no.
PnpC PnpG Hydroxyquinol dioxygenase, Pseudomonas sp. WBC-3 54 307 1e-102 ABU50913.1
PnpD HapF Maleylacetate reductase, P. fluorescens 60 424 1e- 146 ACA50460.1
PnpE1 PnpD Hydroquinone dioxygenase Large subunit, Pseudomonas sp. WBC-3 74 536 0.0 ABU50916.1
PnpE2 PnpC Hydroquinone dioxygenase Small subunit, Pseudomonas sp. WBC-3 59 195 5e-62 ABU50917.1
PnpF PnpF 4-hydroxymuconic semialdehyde dehydrogenase, Pseudomonas fluorescens 73 761 0.0 ACA50459.1