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Table 4 Descriptive analysis of the acceptable data by each probe

From: The role of different methanogen groups evaluated by Real-Time qPCR as high-efficiency bioindicators of wet anaerobic co-digestion of organic waste

Target (measure unit) Min Max Mean Dev. std.
Methanosarcina (gene copies/μl) 4.77E+04 6.03E+07 1.19E+07 1.51E+07
Methanobacteriaceae (gene copies/μl) 1.52E+05 1.52E+05 1.52E+05 -
Methanocorpusculaceae (1/Ct) 2.52E-02 3.98E-02 2.966E-02 3.6E-03
Methanosaetaceae (1/Ct) 2.56E-02 3.74E-02 2.969E-02 3.7E-03