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  1. In total, 16 yeast were isolated from Chinese strong flavour Daqu samples and underwent RAPD analysis and identification. Totally, 11 different species were identified among these isolates including Saccharomyces...

    Authors: Shunchang Pu, Yu Zhang, Ning Lu, Cuie Shi and Shoubao Yan
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:176
  2. Porcine infectious pleuropneumonia is characterized by a high-rate of carriage and mixed infection with other pathogens. The host immune response induced by Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (APP) is the basis for ...

    Authors: Rining Zhu, Hexiang Jiang, Jun Wang, Chuntong Bao, Haiyao Liu, Fengyang Li and Liancheng Lei
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:175
  3. We designed this project to determine the nutritional potential and ruminal microbial fermentation properties of eight rangeland plants (Dracocephalum moldavica L., Melissa officinalis L., Ruta graveolens L., Per...

    Authors: Mohsen Kazemi, Mohammad Mehdi Moheghi and Reza Tohidi
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:174
  4. This work explores the ADP-ribosyltransferase activity of Pseudomonas (P.) aeruginosa exotoxin A using the guanyl hydrazone derivative, nitrobenzylidine aminoguanidine (NBAG) and the impact of gamma radiation on ...

    Authors: Radwa N. Morgan, Sarra E. Saleh, Khaled M. Aboshanab and Hala A. Farrag
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:173
  5. To select an eco-friendly nitrogen (N) application level for sugarcane production, soil fertility and soil bacterial diversity under different nitrogen application levels were analyzed. Four levels of urea app...

    Authors: Shangdong Yang, Jian Xiao, Tian Liang, Weizhong He and Hongwei Tan
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:172
  6. The phenomenon of membrane vesicle (MV) production is known to be common to all bacterial cells. Although MVs are expected to be employed in a variety of applications, improving MV productivity is essential fo...

    Authors: Yuki Asano, Manato Onishi, Kaito Nishi, Kazunori Kawasaki and Kunihiko Watanabe
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:170
  7. Heavy metal-responsive operons were used for the generation of Escherichia coli cell-based biosensors. The selectivity and specificity of the biosensors were determined based on the interaction between heavy meta...

    Authors: Yejin Lee, Yangwon Jeon, Guepil Jang and Youngdae Yoon
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:169
  8. In the bio-based polymer industry, putrescine is in the spotlight for use as a material. We constructed strains of Escherichia coli to assess its putrescine production capabilities through the arginine decarboxyl...

    Authors: Kullathida Thongbhubate, Kanako Irie, Yumi Sakai, Akane Itoh and Hideyuki Suzuki
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:168
  9. Morels are gourmet wild edible mushrooms that can grow on several substrates with significant growth rate variations. Such variations have hindered the development of a standardized culture media to promote mo...

    Authors: Fabiola Rodríguez Evangelista, Isaac Chairez, Sigfrido Sierra, Hermilo Leal Lara, César Ramiro Martínez-González, María Eugenia Garín Aguilar and Gustavo Valencia del Toro
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:167
  10. Nutritional factors exert significant influence on the growth of entomopathogenic fungi, one of the main agents employed commercially in the biological control of arthropods. Thus, the objective of this work i...

    Authors: Juliana M. Ferreira, Salorrane M. N. Pinto and Filippe E. F. Soares
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:166
  11. At present time, every nation is absolutely concern about increasing agricultural production and bioremediation of petroleum-contaminated soil. Hence, with this intention in the current study potent natural su...

    Authors: Aiman Umar, Aneeqa Zafar, Hasina Wali, Meh Para Siddique, Muneer Ahmed Qazi, Afshan Hina Naeem, Zulfiqar Ali Malik and Safia Ahmed
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:165
  12. Severe early defoliation has become an important factor restricting the development of the pear industry in southern China. However, the assembly patterns of microbial communities and their functional activiti...

    Authors: Yalong Kang, Xiangrui An, Yanwei Ma, Shaomin Zeng, Shangtao Jiang, Wenli Wu, Changyan Xie, Zhonghua Wang, Caixia Dong, Yangchun Xu and Qirong Shen
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:164
  13. As an important form of sustainable agriculture, rice-crab (Eriocheir sinensis) co-culture is rapid developing worldwide. However, the knowledge on the bacterial communities of the different components of the sys...

    Authors: Xu Jiang, Hui Ma, Qing-lei Zhao, Jun Yang, Cai-yun Xin and Bocong Chen
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:163
  14. Cytochromes P450 catalyze oxidation of chemically diverse compounds and thus offer great potential for biocatalysis. Due to the complexity of these enzymes, their dependency of nicotinamide cofactors and redox...

    Authors: Thomas Hilberath, Alessandra Raffaele, Leonie M. Windeln and Vlada B. Urlacher
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:162
  15. Contamination of water with bacteria is one of the main causes of waterborne diseases. The photocatalytic method on the basis of bacterial inactivation seems to be a suitable disinfectant due to the lack of by...

    Authors: Soudabeh Ghodsi, Ali Esrafili, Hamid Reza Sobhi, Roshanak Rezaei Kalantary, Mitra Gholami and Ramin maleki
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:161
  16. Hepatocellular carcinoma is one of the leading causes of cancer-associated death across the globe. Malignant ascites are the major clinical attributes in cancer patients. Despite the advancements in HCC treatm...

    Authors: Kavish Hasnain Khinsar, Sattar Abdul, Akbar Hussain, Riaz Ud Din, Liu Lei, Jing Cao, Majid Abbasi, Ata Ur Rehman, Nabeel Farooqui, Xin Yi, Huang Min, Liang Wang and Zhong Mintao
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:160
  17. A traditional Chinese medicine formula based on the Coix seed and Lotus seed has been used as a general treatment of malnutrition, excessive fatigue, dysfunction of the spleen and stomach, and disorders of water ...

    Authors: Zhaolong Li, Zhongning Lin, Zheng Lu and Zhaoyang Ying
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:159
  18. Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) process has been acknowledged as an environmentally friendly and time-saving technique capable of achieving efficient nitrogen removal. However, the community of nitrific...

    Authors: Jing Lu, Yiguo Hong, Ying Wei, Ji-Dong Gu, Jiapeng Wu, Yu Wang, Fei Ye and Jih-Gaw Lin
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:158
  19. Bacterial biofilms formation is one of the major reasons for treatment failure in chronic wound infections. Therefore, diagnostic biomarkers remain the best option for prevention and treatment of chronic wound...

    Authors: Xiaojuan Tan, Xi Cheng, Mei Hu, Yifan Zhang, Aiqun Jia, Jinwei Zhou and Guoping Zhu
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:157
  20. Currently, the health benefits of probiotic bacteria are well known, and this has taken up a great deal of space in food science and health, both research and operational. On the other hand, anti-biofilm prope...

    Authors: Zeinab Rezaei, Saeid Khanzadi and Amir Salari
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:156
  21. This study aimed to investigate the characteristics, moisture contents, chemical fingerprints changes and aflatoxins accumulation of Atractylodis rhizoma during storage, further to determine the optimum temperatu...

    Authors: Qiutao Liu, Lingling Jiang, Lihe Xiao and Weijun Kong
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:155
  22. Microalgae have been used widely as a biological source for several industries, such as biofuel, pharmaceutical and food. Recently, the agricultural industry has also began using microalgae as an alternative s...

    Authors: Mayara Mari Murata, Luiz Rodrigo Ito Morioka, Josemeyre Bonifacio Da Silva Marques, Alessandra Bosso and Hélio Hiroshi Suguimoto
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:154
  23. Leprosy reactions are immune processes that cause neural damage in individuals with leprosy. As periodontitis is an infectious disease related to its development, specific antibodies to periodontal pathogens m...

    Authors: Mariana Costa Calheira, Soraya Castro Trindade, Michelle Miranda Lopes Falcão, Luciana Sales Conceição Barbosa, Gislene Regina Batista Carvalho, Paulo Roberto Lima Machado, Isaac Suzart Gomes-Filho, Elisangela de Jesus Campos, Paulo Cirino de Carvalho-Filho, Márcia Tosta Xavier, Antonio Pedro Fróes de Farias, José Tadeu Raynal Rocha Filho and Johelle de Santana Passos-Soares
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:152
  24. It is of major interest to ensure stable and performant microbial bioprocesses, therefore maintaining high strain robustness is one of the major future challenges in industrial microbiology. Strain robustness ...

    Authors: Catherine Boy, Julie Lesage, Sandrine Alfenore, Stéphane E. Guillouet and Nathalie Gorret
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:151
  25. Rhodosporidium toruloides is a useful oleaginous yeast, but lipids production is affected by various factors including nutrients in the culture medium. Herein, the R-ZL2 high-yield mutant strain was used to inves...

    Authors: Zi Ye, Tongrui Sun, Huoye Hao, Yanling He, Xueyan Liu, Minrui Guo and Guogang Chen
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:149
  26. A codon optimized cellobiohydrolase (CBH) encoding synthetic gene of 1188 bp from a thermophilic mold Myceliophthora thermophila (MtCel6A) was cloned and heterologously expressed in Escherichia coli for the first...

    Authors: Anica Dadwal, Shilpa Sharma and Tulasi Satyanarayana
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:148
  27. The purpose of this study was to determine the mutations associated with clarithromycin resistance in Helicobacter pylori strains isolated from biopsy samples that were collected from the endoscopic ward of Shahr...

    Authors: Razieh Sadat Hosseini, Ghorbanali Rahimian, Mohammad Hadi Shafigh, Majid Validi, Mansoor Khaledi and Abolfazl Gholipour
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:147
  28. Red-osier dogwood (ROD) extract contains a lot of polyphenols that have the potential for modulation of gut microbiota. However, little information is available about its prebiotic properties. This study inves...

    Authors: Shugui Zheng, Jichen Song, Xia Qin, Kai Yang, Mei Liu, Chengbo Yang and Charles M. Nyachoti
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:145
  29. Wild-type cultivations are of invaluable relevance for industrial biotechnology when it comes to the agricultural or food sector. Here, genetic engineering is hardly applicable due to legal barriers and consum...

    Authors: Chantal Treinen, Olivia Magosch, Mareen Hoffmann, Peter Klausmann, Berit Würtz, Jens Pfannstiel, Kambiz Morabbi Heravi, Lars Lilge, Rudolf Hausmann and Marius Henkel
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:144
  30. This study sets out to compare the antibacterial and antibiofilm profiles of Ci/Ca EOs alone and in combination together against infectious bacterial strains. MIC assay was carried out to survey the effectiven...

    Authors: Elahe Pourkhosravani, Fatemeh Dehghan Nayeri and Mitra Mohammadi Bazargani
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:143
  31. Microorganisms play an essential role in sulfide removal. Alkaline absorption solution facilitates the sulfide’s dissolution and oxidative degradation, so haloalkaliphile is a prospective source for environmen...

    Authors: Manqi Zhang, Qiong Xue, Shengjie Zhang, Heng Zhou, Tong Xu, Jian Zhou, Yanning Zheng, Ming Li, Sumit Kumar, Dahe Zhao and Hua Xiang
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:142
  32. The Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis) is a popular aquaculture product in East Asia, especially in China. In the last decade, rice–crab co-culture has rapidly expanded in China. Under this model, crabs are...

    Authors: Weibing Guan, Kui Li, Shuang Zhao and Kejun Li
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:141
  33. A total of 360-day-old broiler chicks were allocated into six groups in 2 (Coccidial challenge or not) × 3 (dietary treatments) factorial design. Three dietary treatments including: basic diet, basic diet plus...

    Authors: Ahsan Mustafa, Shiping Bai, Qiufeng Zeng, Xuemei Ding, Jianping Wang, Yue Xuan, Zhuowei Su and Keying Zhang
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:140
  34. Uncultured microbes are an important resource for the discovery of novel enzymes. In this study, an amylase gene (amy2587) that codes a protein with 587 amino acids (Amy2587) was obtained from the metagenomic lib...

    Authors: Xiaoqian Gu, Liping Fu, Aihong Pan, Yuanyuan Gui, Qian Zhang and Jiang Li
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:139
  35. Robust statistical tools such as the Skellam model and Bayesian networks can capture the count properties of transcriptome sequencing data and clusters of genes among treatments, thereby improving our knowledg...

    Authors: Qi Zhang, Kaihang Li, Yan Yang, Beibei Li, Libo Jiang, Xiaoqing He, Yi Jin and Guozhu Zhao
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:138
  36. Ajuga integrifolia Buch. Ham. ex D.Don, a member of Lamiaceae family is pharmaceutically an active perennial herb widely spread in China, Afghanistan and Pakistan Himalayan region. The application of biotic elici...

    Authors: Muhammad Asad Ullah, Faiza Zareen Gul, Taimoor Khan, Muhammad Naeem Bajwa, Samantha Drouet, Duangjai Tungmunnithum, Nathalie Giglioli-Guivarc’h, Chunzhao Liu, Christophe Hano and Bilal Haider Abbasi
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:137
  37. The glycosidases within GH5-23 cleave the glycosidic bond of β-glucosylated or rutinosylated flavonoids. Moreover, by virtue of their transglycosylation activity, glycoconjugates with glucosyl and rutinosyl mo...

    Authors: Michael Kotik, Hana Javůrková, Katerina Brodsky and Helena Pelantová
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:136
  38. Incidence of various dreadful microbial infections and the development of antibiotic resistance by infection causative microbes are the main reasons for reducing aquaculture productivity. Hence, there is an im...

    Authors: G. Beulah, D. Divya, N. S. Sampath Kumar, M. V. N. Sravya, K. Govinda Rao, Anjani Devi Chintagunta, G. Divya, S. Hari Chandana, B. D. Blessy and G. Simhachalam
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:135
  39. Microbial communities on soil are fundamental for the long-term sustainability of agriculture ecosystems. Microbiota in soil would impact the yield and quality of blueberries since microbial communities in soi...

    Authors: Sang In Lee, Jungmin Choi, Hyunhee Hong, Jun Haeng Nam, Bernadine Strik, Amanda Davis, Yongsun Cho, Sang Do Ha and Si Hong Park
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:134
  40. The effects of different fertilizers and biofertilizers on crop production to increase plant growth, improve quality and yield components (dry leaves yield, leaf protein, and stevioside) of crops has been exte...

    Authors: Mohamed Ahmed Youssef, Ahmed Fathy Yousef, Muhammad Moaaz Ali, Alshaymaa I. Ahmed, Sobhi F. Lamlom, Wacław Roman Strobel and Hazem M. Kalaji
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:133
  41. Biosurfactants are amphiphilic molecules composed of a hydrophilic and hydrophobic moiety and had the ability to penetrate into different phases to reduce the surface tension. This features caused to oil recov...

    Authors: Elham Akbari, Behnam Rasekh, Keivan Beheshti Maal, Farahnaz Karbasiun, Fatemeh Yazdian, Zarrindokht Emami-Karvani and Reza Peighami
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:131
  42. Acetic acid bacteria (AAB) can selectively oxidize diols into their corresponding hydroxyacids. Notably, they can convert 1,3-propanediol (1,3-PDO) into 3-hydroxypropionic acid (3-HP), which is a promising bui...

    Authors: Florence de Fouchécour, Anaïs Lemarchand, Henry-Éric Spinnler and Claire Saulou-Bérion
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:130
  43. Members of the Enterobacter genus are gram-negative bacteria, which are used as plant growth-promoting bacteria, and increasingly recovered from economic plants as emerging pathogens. A new Enterobacter mori stra...

    Authors: Mingyang Zhang, Yilin Zhang, Xue Han, Juan Wang, Yu Yang, Biao Ren, Mian Xia, Gang Li, Rongxiang Fang, Hang He and Yantao Jia
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:129
  44. Anthocyanins are the largest group of water-soluble pigments and beneficial for human health. Although most plants roots have the potential to express natural biosynthesis pathways required to produce speciali...

    Authors: Chunlan Piao, Jinguo Wu and Min-Long Cui
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:128
  45. Globally, the reserves of heavy crude oil are seven times more abundant than that of light crude, and yet, they are underutilized because of their high viscosity and density, which is largely due to the presen...

    Authors: Arif Nissar Zargar, Ankur Kumar, Anurag Sinha, Manoj Kumar, Ioannis Skiadas, Saroj Mishra and Preeti Srivastava
    Citation: AMB Express 2021 11:127

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