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Table 3 The genes in the Region 1.4 of E. coli VR50 genome

From: Characterization of siderophores from Escherichia coli strains through genome mining tools: an antiSMASH study

Gene Domain annotations Location
Hypothetical protein Unknown 3,375,431–3,375,559
(Total: 129 nt)
IutA TonB-dependent siderophore receptor family 3,376,110–3,378,254
(Total: 2,145 nt)
L-lysine 6-monooxygenase IucD Lysine/ornithine N-monooxygenase 3,378,393–3,379,670
(Total: 1,278 nt)
Siderophore biosynthesis protein Siderophore: IucA/IucC 3,379,667–3,381,409
(Total: 1,743 nt)
Siderophore biosynthesis protein Putative siderophore biosynthesis protein 3,381,409–3,382,356
(Total: 948 nt)
Siderophore biosynthesis protein Siderophore: IucA/IucC 3,382,357–3,384,081
(Total: 1,725 nt)
Putative membrane transport protein Unknown 3,384,217–3,385,410
(Total: 1,194 nt)
IS2 transposase B Transposase 3,385,523–3,386,428
(Total: 906 nt)
IS2 transposase A Unknown 3,386,421–3,386,750
(Total: 330 nt)
Hypothetical protein Unknown 3,386,809–3,386,994
(Total: 186 nt)
IS629 transposase B Transposase 3,387,603–3,388,493
(Total: 891 nt)
IS629 transposase A Transposase IS3/IS911 family protein 3,388,490–3,388,765
(Total: 276 nt)