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Table 3 Comparison of the present method with recent studies

From: A systematic study of the production of Monacolin K by solid state fermentation of Monascus ruber

Strain Fermentation parameters MK production
(mg g-1)
M. purpureus CMU002UXX-32-44 Nutrients: NH4Cl, MgSO4 7H2O 6.24 Kanpiengjai et al. (2018)
M. buliginosus M1 Inorganic salts of divalent metal cations 9.57 Lin et al. (2019)
M. pilosus 305-9 Amount of added water 0.75 Oh et al. (2021)
M. purpureus
IF-RPD 4046
initial moisture and white rice 1.33 Saithong et al. (2019)
M. ruber M2-1 Chinese medicines 3.6 Peng et al. (2020)
M. ruber Using millet as substrate 7.12 Zhang et al. (2018)
M. sp. (BCRC31,615) Mutation and temperature variation 8.44 Huang et al. (2019)
M. ruber (K10403) Multi-factors 14.54 Our method*