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Table 1 Results of groundwater chemical analyses at the date of sampling—general water chemistry and the concentration of main petroleum hydrocarbons are shown

From: Development of a bacterial consortium from Variovorax paradoxus and Pseudomonas veronii isolates applicable in the removal of BTEX

General groundwater chemistry and pollutants Unit Contaminated well
Specific electrical conductivity μS cm−1 1360
Redox potential mV − 19
Dissolved oxygen mg l−1 0.8
pH 6.5
Temperature °C 13
SO42− mg l−1 < 30
NO3¯ mg l−1 < 5
Fe(II) mg l−1 9.4
Mn(II) mg l−1 4.6
TPHsa mg l−1 1.9
Benzene mg l−1 0.1
Toluene mg l−1 0.009
Ethylbenzene mg l−1 0.8
Xylenes mg l−1 3.2
Other alkyl benzenes mg l−1 7.2
  1. aTPH—Total Aliphatic Petroleum Hydrocarbons (C5–C40)