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Table 1 Morphological, physiological, and biochemical characteristics of the B. velezensis SK

From: Purification and characterization of antibacterial surfactin isoforms produced by Bacillus velezensis SK

Microscopic examination
Gram’s Nature Gram-Positive
Morphology Rods
Arrangements Chains
Motility Actively motile
Colony characteristics
Size 2–4 mm
Shape Circular
Surface Rough
Margin Irregular
Elevation Raised
Colour White
Opacity Opaque
Biochemical Characterization
Indol − Ve
Methyl red − Ve
Voges-Proskauer Delayed positive
Citrate utilization − Ve
Catalase  + Ve
Glucoronidase − Ve
Nitrate reduction  + Ve
Sugar fermentation
Glucose  + Ve
Sucrose  + Ve
Fructose  + Ve
Mannitol  + Ve
Galactose  + Ve
Lactose − Ve
Xylose − Ve
Starch hydrolysis  + Ve
Gelatine hydrolysis  + Ve
NaCl tolerance  < 8%