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Table 4 Effect of nitrogenous fertilizers and effective microorganisms on plant fresh weight, plant dry weight and dry leaves yield of Stevia rebaudiana during two growing seasons

From: Exogenously applied nitrogenous fertilizers and effective microorganisms improve plant growth of stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) and soil fertility

Growing season Treatments Plant fresh weight (g) Plant dry weight (g) Dry leaves yield (Kg ha−1)
EM (−) EM (+) Mean (NFs) EM (−) EM ( +) Mean (NFs) EM (−) EM ( +) Mean (NFs)
2018 Control 44.25e 56.85d 50.55c 10.86d 12.45d 11.65c 330.88d 337.62d 334.25c
Ch-N 96.88c 104.56b 100.72b 25.64c 28.68b 27.16b 735.64c 776.08bc 755.86b
Org-N 114.59a 119.86a 117.22a 29.9b 32.96a 31.43a 825.18ab 893.98a 859.58a
Mean (EM) 85.24b 93.75a   22.13b 24.69a   630.57a 669.23a  
LSD Interaction (P ≤ 0.05) 5.75   2.22   79.79  
2019 Control 60.13e 68.99d 64.56c 12.42d 14.62d 13.52c 355.41c 392.81c 374.11c
Ch-N 110.96c 113.51c 112.23b 36.4c 40.58b 38.49b 1018.3b 1101.33b 1059.81b
Org-N 129.05b 145.96a 137.51a 39.42bc 45.38a 42.4a 1063.37b 1221.19a 1142.28a
Mean (EM) 100.05b 109.49a   29.41b 33.52a   812.36b 905.11a  
LSD Interaction (P ≤ 0.05) 3.415   3.43   86.88  
  1. The values shown in table are means of two cuttings having four replicates. EM Effective microorganisms (biofertilizer), Ch-N Chemical-N form, Org-N Organic-N form, Means followed by the same letters are non-significantly different (p ≤ 0.05)