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Table 1 General features of the genome Variovorax paradoxus strain BFB1_13

From: Potential of Variovorax paradoxus isolate BFB1_13 for bioremediation of BTEX contaminated sites

Characteristic Value
checkM* Completeness (%) 97.86 (9 markers are missing)
checkM contamination (%) 1.08 (5 markers are duplicated)
Size (bp) 9,581,132
G + C content (%) 68.86
Total number of genes 9668
Number of protein coding sequences 9586
Number of pseudogenes 11
Average gene length (bp) 928
rRNA (16S, 23S, 5S) 4
tRNA genes 51
Predicted transposase genes 22
Monooxygenase genes 32
Dioxygenase genes 59
GenBank accession number (NCBI) JAEVYQ000000000
  1. *CheckM embedded in MicroScope platform is an automated method for assessing the quality of a microbial genome regarding completion and contamination (Parks et al. 2015)