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Table 2 Plasmids used in this study

From: Involvement of catalase and superoxide dismutase in hydrophobic organic solvent tolerance of Escherichia coli

Plasmids Relevant characteristics References
pCP20 pSC101-based vector expressing the Flp recombinase with repA(Ts), Ampr, Cmr (Cherepanov and Wackernagel 1995)
pMW119 Expression vector with the replication origin of pSC101, Ampr Nippon Gene
pMWkatE pMW119-based plasmid carrying katE This study
pMWkatG pMW119-based plasmid carrying katG This study
pMWkatEkatG pMW119-based plasmid carrying katE and katG This study
pMWsodA pMW119-based plasmid carrying sodA This study
pMWsodB pMW119-based plasmid carrying sodB This study
pMWsodAsodB pMW119-based plasmid carrying sodA and sodB This study
pMC1403 Cloning vector for the lacZ reporter system with the replication origin of pMB1, Ampr (Casadaban et al. 1980)
pMCkatEp pMC1403-based plasmid carrying the katE promoter region This study
pMCkatGp pMC1403-based plasmid carrying the katG promoter region This study
pMCsodAp pMC1403-based plasmid carrying the sodA promoter region This study
pMCsodBp pMC1403-based plasmid carrying the soxB promoter region This study