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Table 1 Escheria coli strains used in this study

From: Involvement of catalase and superoxide dismutase in hydrophobic organic solvent tolerance of Escherichia coli

Strain JW IDa Relevant characteristics References
BW25113   lacIq rrnBT14 lacZWJ16 hsdR514 araBADAH33 rhaBADLD78 (Baba et al. 2006)
BW25113∆katE JW1721 Same as BW25113, but with katE::KmR (Baba et al. 2006)
BW25113∆katG JW3914 Same as BW25113, but with katG::KmR (Baba et al. 2006)
BW25113∆sodA JW3879 Same as BW25113, but with sodA::KmR (Baba et al. 2006)
BW25113∆sodB JW1648 Same as BW25113, but with sodB::KmR (Baba et al. 2006)
BW25113∆sodC JW1638 Same as BW25113, but with sodC::KmR (Baba et al. 2006)
BW25113∆ahpF JW0599 Same as BW25113, but with ahpF::KmR (Baba et al. 2006)
BW25113∆katEkatG   Same as BW25113, but with ∆katE and ∆katG This study
BW25113∆sodAsodB   Same as BW25113, but with ∆sodA and ∆sodB This study
BW25113(pMW119)   BW25113 harboring pMW119 This study
BW25113∆katEkatG(pMW119)   BW25113∆katEkatG harboring pMW119 This study
BW25113∆katEkatG(pMWkatE)   BW25113∆katEkatG harboring pMWkatE This study
BW25113∆katEkatG(pMWkatG)   BW25113∆katEkatG harboring pMWkatG This study
BW25113∆katEkatG(pMWkatEkatG)   BW25113∆katEkatG harboring pMWkatEkatG This study
BW25113∆sodAsodB(pMW119)   BW25113∆sodAsodB harboring pMW119 This study
BW25113∆sodAsodB(pMWsodA)   BW25113∆sodAsodB harboring pMWsodA This study
BW25113∆sodAsodB(pMWsodB)   BW25113∆sodAsodB harboring pMWsodB This study
BW25113∆sodAsodB(pMWsodAsodB)   BW25113∆sodAsodB harboring pMWsodAsodB This study
BW25113(pMCkatEp)   BW25113 harboring pMCkatEp This study
BW25113(pMCkatGp)   BW25113 harboring pMCkatGp This study
BW25113(pMCsodAp)   BW25113 harboring pMCsodAp This study
BW25113(pMCsodBp)   BW25113 harboring pMCsodBp This study
  1. aJW ID of the Keio Collection by the National Bio-Resource Project (NIG, Mishima, Japan): E. coli (Baba et al. 2006)