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Table 1 Typical researches of removal efficiency of organic pollutants by bulk nanobubble-based advanced oxidation

From: Role of bulk nanobubbles in removing organic pollutants in wastewater treatment

Organic pollutant Technology Gas source Removal rate Mechanism Reference
Dark green Rit dye Nanobubbles alone; ultrasonic nanobubbles; nanobubbles/H2O2 Air 90% Surface charge attraction; ·OH, HO2·, O2· (Bui and Han 2020)
Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate Nanobubbles/vacuum ultraviolet system Oxygen 99.8% ·OH (Tasaki et al. 2009)
Oxytetracycline Nanobubbles with photodegradation Oxygen 98% ·OH (Wang et al. 2020)
1,4-Dioxane Nanobubble system Ozone 98.5% ·OH (Maie et al. 2020)