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Table 4 Substrate specificity and kinetic parameters of Lcc120-3

From: Construction and characterization of a functional chimeric laccase from metagenomes suitable as a biocatalyst

Substrate Lcc120-3 (Mic-mg-MCO)
Activity (U/mg protein) Km (mM)/Vmax (U/mg protein)/kcat (s−1)
DMP 2.0 10.5/2.3/2.3
o-Guaiacol 0.05
o-Catechol 2.47
Pyrogallol 13.9
Gallic acid 0.64 POU
ABTS 6.63
Syringaldazine N.D
Bilirubin N.D
l-Tyrosine N.D
l-DOPA (l-3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine) N.D
Iodide N.D
  1. N.D. not detected