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Table 1 The α diversity of bacterial community attached to cotton by-products after an incubation of 24 h

From: In situ rumen degradation characteristics and bacterial colonization of whole cottonseed, cottonseed hull and cottonseed meal with different gossypol content

Itema OTUb numbers Chao 1 values Shannon index
CSH 1045d 1233d 7.5d
CSM 1059d 1251d 7.7d
WCS 792e 1033e 6.3e
SEMc 18.15 22.87 0.20
P-value  < 0.01  < 0.01  < 0.01
  1. aCSH, cottonseed hull, including 2 samples; CSM, cottonseed meal, including 3 samples; WCS, whole cottonseed, including 3 samples; each kind of sample was incubated in 3 cows simultaneously
  2. bOTU, operational taxonomic units
  3. cSEM, standard error of the difference of the means, n = 3
  4. d,eValues in a column within the same class without a common superscript are significantly different (P < 0.05)