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Table 2 Common biochemical characteristic reactions for S. mutans and S. salivarius as determined by API 20 Strep

From: Biofilm formation by Streptococcus mutans and its inhibition by green tea extracts

Test (Substrate/Reaction/Enzyme) Result
S. mutans S. salivarius
VP (Acetoin production)  +   + 
Hydrolysis (HIPpuric acid)
ESC (ß- glucosidase hydrolysis)  +   + 
PYRA (pyrrolidinyl arylamidase)
αGAL (α-Galactosidase)  + 
ßGAL (ß-Galactosidase)
PAL (Alkaline phosphatase)  + 
LAP (Leucine aminopeptidase)  +   + 
ADH (Arginine dihydrolase)
RIB (d-Ribose)
ARA (l-Arabinose)
MAN (d-Mannitol)  + 
SOR (d-Sorbitol)  + 
LAC (d-Lactose)  + 
TRE (d-Trehalose)  +   + 
INU (Inulin)  + 
RAF (d- Raffinose)  +   + 
AMD (Starch)  + 
GLYG (Glycogen)