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Table 2 Model parameters

From: Synergistic effect of pulsed electric fields and temperature on the inactivation of microorganisms

symbol/unit Value Definition
\({c}_{1}/mol\bullet {m}^{-3}\) \(2\times {10}^{-4}\) Initial concentration of molecules inside cell
\({c}_{2}/mol\bullet {m}^{-3}\) 0 Initial concentration of molecules outside cell
\({\mu }_{P1}/m\bullet {s}^{-1}\bullet {N}^{-1}\) \(2.04\times {10}^{-17}\) Molecules velocity inside cell
\({\mu }_{P2}/m\bullet {s}^{-1}\bullet {N}^{-1}\) \(2.04\times {10}^{-15}\) Molecules velocity in a pore
\({\mu }_{P3}/m\bullet {s}^{-1}\bullet {N}^{-1}\) \(2.04\times {10}^{-15}\) Molecules velocity outside cell
\({k}_{B}/J\bullet {K}^{-1}\) \({1.38\times 10}^{-23}\) Boltzmann constant
\(\mathrm{z}/1\) − 1 The charge number
\(F{/C\bullet mol}^{-1}\) 96,485 Faraday’s constant
\(R/J\bullet {mol}^{-1}{\mathrm{K}}^{-1}\) 8.3145 Gas constant