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Table 2 Bioinformatics analysis of the mo-uvrA and mo-dnaK

From: Identification of unknown acid-resistant genes of oral microbiotas in patients with dental caries using metagenomics analysis

Code mo-dnaK mo-uvrA
Seq length (bp) 1956 2826
Sitea(Nt rangeb) 1–83aa (835–398 bp) 1–743aa (382–2936 bp)
G + C % 48.7% 46.9%
Alignmentc Streptococcus suis S. pasteurianus ATCC 43,144
Protein(accession No.) HSPs70 (EGF09631) ABC transporter protein (WG_0056)
E-Value 0 0
Identities % 438/539 (81%) 2622/2826 (90%)
Putative functiond Trigger protease-oriented pathways for the elimination Maintain the pH inside the cell
Throughout of the damaged polypeptides The pumping function
Possible transmembrane helicese 0 0
  1. aProtein range (site) of alignment into the known proteins
  2. bNucleotide range (nt range) of the predicted ORF within insert
  3. cMost similar protein, currently identified with blast
  4. dMost similar protein: putative function
  5. eResults from the online server
  6. bp base pair, aa amino acids, score bit score of the alignment using BLAST