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Table 1 The experimental designs for CPADE or CPSADE to alleviate primary cell damages induced by AFB1

From: Effects of compound probiotics and aflatoxin-degradation enzyme on alleviating aflatoxin-induced cytotoxicity in chicken embryo primary intestinal epithelium, liver and kidney cells

Primary cells Control AFB1 (µg/L) CPADE or CPSADE CPADE or CPSADE + AFB1
Intestinal epithelium cells DMEM/F12 200 CP2 + 0.001%ADE CP2 + 0.001%ADE + 200 µg/L AFB1
Liver cells M199 40 CPS4 + 0.001%ADE CPS4 + 0.001%ADE + 40 µg/L AFB1
Kidney cells DMEM/F12 40 CPS3 + 0.001%ADE CPS3 + 0.001%ADE + 40 µg/L AFB1
  1. CP compound probiotics, CPS cell-free compound probiotics supernatant, CPADE compound probiotics + AFB1-degradation enzyme, CPSADE cell-free compound probiotics supernatant + AFB1-degradation enzyme