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Table 1 Significantly important functional genes in co-culture

From: Interaction analyses based on growth parameters of GWAS between Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus

Gene ID Gene Position Mutation Affected Codon Function
E. coli
 B0114 aceE 124522 T↔C GCT↔GCC Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component
 B4379 yjjW 4614704 C↔T TTG↔TTA Putative glycyl-radical enzyme activating enzyme YjjW
 B0014 dnaK 12384 T↔C GGT↔GGC Chaperone protein DnaK
 B0094 ftsA 104986 C↔T ACC↔ACT Cell division protein FtsA
 B0890 ftsK 935503 G↔A CCG↔GCA Cell division DNA translocase FtsK
 B4483 tatD 4024120 T↔G CTT↔TTG 3′→5′ ssDNA/RNA Exonuclease TatD
 B0584 fepA 611271 T↔C GGA↔GGG; Ferric enterobactin outer membrane transporter
 B0305 rclR 320655 A↔T GCA↔GCT DNA-binding transcriptional activator RclR
S. aureus
 SAOUHSC_00299 scdA 313,151 C↔G AGC↔ACC Cell wall biosynthesis protein ScdA
 SAOUHSC_01368 trpD 1,313,228 T↔A TCC↔ACC Anthranilate phosphoribosyltransferase
 SAOUHSC_00545 sdrD 554,869 C↔T GAC↔GAT Fibrinogen-binding protein SdrD
 SAOUHSC_01219 - 1,169,344 G↔C GAT↔CAT Cell wall hydrolase