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Table 3 CRISPR-PCDup increases duplication efficiency and induces simultaneous double duplication

From: CRISPR-PCDup: a novel approach for simultaneous segmental chromosomal duplication in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

MethodNumber of transformants (n)Karyotype analysis (n)Correct transformants (n)
Chr3-1 (158 kb)CRISPR-PCDup6288 (100%)
Conventional PCDup220 (0%)
Chr3-2 (160 kb)CRISPR-PCDup131688 (100%)
Conventional PCDup5140 (0%)
Chr3-2 (160 kb) and
Chr15-L5 (200 kb)
CRISPR-PCDup752510 (40%)
Conventional PCDup0
  1. Symbol “–” indicates that karyotype analysis and counting the number of correct transformants were not applicable