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Table 8 Statistical analysis of degree of crystallinity of chitin extracted after fermentation on various carbon sources

From: Microbial extraction of chitin from seafood waste using sugars derived from fruit waste-stream

Carbon source for fermentationDegree of crystallinity (%)Repeat 2MeanVarianceStandard deviation
Commercial chitin87.5686.8687.210.250.49
20 mL Glucose in 80 mL water98.1697.5397.850.200.45
20 mL molasses in 80 mL water90.3390.7190.520.070.27
20 mL corn syrup in 80 mL water97.9996.7397.360.790.89
15 g red grape waste in 100 mL water95.5494.6495.090.410.64
15 g white grape waste in 100 mL water88.5389.6989.110.670.82
15 g apple pomace in 100 mL water97.696.4897.040.630.79
15 g pineapple peel and core in 100 mL water94.2894.0794.180.020.15
15 g potato peel in 100 mL water79.8982.1181.002.461.57
15 g mango peel in 100 mL water97.3495.5796.461.571.25
15 g banana peel in 100 mL water93.5192.8693.190.210.46
15 g sweet potato peel in 100 mL water96.0895.2995.690.310.56