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Table 6 Statistical analysis of degree of deacetylation of chitin extracted after fermentation on various carbon sources

From: Microbial extraction of chitin from seafood waste using sugars derived from fruit waste-stream

Carbon source for fermentationDegree of de-acetylation (%)Repeat 2MeanVarianceStandard deviation
Commercial chitin70.4670.7770.620.050.22
20 mL glucose in 80 mL water72.5772.1872.380.080.28
20 mL molasses in 80 mL water73.9872.6573.320.880.94
20 mL corn syrup in 80 mL water65.2165.5965.400.070.27
15 g red grape waste in 100 mL water72.9072.6572.780.030.17
15 g white grape waste in 100 mL water65.9265.6465.780.040.20
15 g apple pomace in 100 mL water53.3954.6854.040.830.91
15 g pineapple peel and core in 100 mL water53.5154.1453.820.200.44
15 g POTATO PEEL in 100 mL water54.7553.9854.370.300.54
15 g mango peel in 100 mL water60.5061.0060.750.130.35
15 g banana peel in 100 mL water75.1973.2874.231.831.35
15 g sweet potato peel in 100 mL water65.4665.0365.240.090.31