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Table 1 Dry weight of chitin extracted after fermentation on various carbon sources

From: Microbial extraction of chitin from seafood waste using sugars derived from fruit waste-stream

Carbon source for fermentationDry weight (g)
Commercial chitinN.A.
20 mL glucose in 80 mL water0.50
20 mL molasses in 80 mL water0.78
20 mL corn syrup in 80 mL water0.38
15 g red grape pomace in 100 mL water0.61
15 g white grape pomace in 100 mL water0.59
15 g apple peel in 100 mL water0.47
15 g pineapple peel and core in 100 mL water0.57
15 g potato peel in 100 mL water0.89
15 g mango peel in 100 mL water0.55
15 g banana peel in 100 mL water0.51
15 g sweet potato peel in 100 mL Water0.58