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Table 1 The ratio of OD, serum dilution and conjugated protein values using serum of infected and noninfected goats in indirect checkerboard ELISA using C. pseudotuberculosis rDTxR, rTrx, rTrxR, rLexA, rNanH, rSodC, rPknG, and rSpaC recombinant protein as antigens. Pos/neg OD-ratio between positive and negative serum optical density values

From: rSodC is a potential antigen to diagnose Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis by enzyme-linked immunoassay

Proteins Pos/neg OD ratio Serum dilution Anti-IgG dilution Concentration (µg/mL− 1)
rDTxR 6.5 1:100 1:20.000 0.1
rTrx 6.0 0.1
rTrxR 7.3 0.5
rLexA 5.3 0.1
rNanH 5.4 0.5
rSodC 9.0 0.1
rPknG 3.8 1
rSpaC 1.2 0.5