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Table 9 Fiber fractions analysis (% dry weight) of initial and residual substrate (s)

From: Production and composition of Pleurotus ostreatus cultivated on Lithovit®-Amino25 supplemented spent substrate

Fiber fractions Initial Residual
C0t0 C1t1 C2t1 C1t2 C2t2 C1t3 C2t3 P value
Cellulose 35.95 23.33a 33.15 g 29.50e 27.85c 28.83d 30.70f 26.54b 0.000
Hemicellulose 13.14 0.98a 8.74f 1.52b 13.03g 3.11c 6.73e 4.59d 0.000
Lignin 6.59 4.46d 2.82b 5.14f 3.56c 5.19f 0.78a 4.90e 0.000
NDF 59.26 32.51a 49.84e 40.69b 50.14e 45.23d 43.55c 41.12b 0.000
ADF 46.11 31.52a 41.09d 39.17c 37.11b 42.12e 36.83b 36.52b 0.000
ADL 10.17 8.20b 7.95b 9.67cd 9.26c 9.68cd 6.12a 9.98d 0.000
  1. Values are means; means within the same row followed by the same letters are not significantly different at P < 0.05 according to Duncan’s multiple range test, NDF: neutral detergent fiber, ADF: acid detergent fiber, ADL: acid detergent lignin