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Table 2 Mycelia growth and pin head initiation following nano-amino application at spawning

From: Production and composition of Pleurotus ostreatus cultivated on Lithovit®-Amino25 supplemented spent substrate

Indicators Treatments
C0t0 C1t1 C2t1 P value
Mycelia density 2.7a 2.3a 2.0a ns
Days after spawning (DAS)
 Spawn run initiation 2.3a 2.0a 2.0a ns
 50% colonization 7.0a 7.0a 8.0a ns
 100% colonization 8.7a 9.7a 10.0a ns
 Pinhead initiation 34.3a 33.0a 31.0a ns
 First harvest 40.0b 36.7a 37.7a 0.026
  1. Values are means; means within the same row followed by the same letters are not significantly different at P < 0.05 according to Duncan’s multiple range test, ns: non-significant effect