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Table 10 Protein content and amino acid profile of mushrooms (dry basis, % of total amino acids)

From: Production and composition of Pleurotus ostreatus cultivated on Lithovit®-Amino25 supplemented spent substrate

  C0t0 C1t1 C1t2 C2t1 C2t2 C1t3 C2t3 P value
Essential amino acids
 Threonine 0.96b 1.08d 0.93a 0.94ab 1.03c 0.96b 1.04c 0.00
 Valine 0.86bc 0.91d 0.76a 0.83b 0.87c 0.74a 0.75a 0.00
 Isoleucine 0.66cd 0.69e 0.58a 0.63bc 0.66d 0.57a 0.61b 0.00
 Leucine 1.11c 1.19e 1.01a 1.00a 1.14d 1.04b 1.06b 0.00
 Phenylalanine 0.68ab 0.76b 0.66a 0.69ab 0.72ab 0.71ab 0.68a ns
 Histidine 2.77a 4.22f 4.35g 3.93c 4.05d 3.65b 4.19e 0.00
 Lysine 0.91bc 0.94c 0.87ab 0.84a 0.90bc 0.89b 0.92bc 0.00
 Methionine 0.27a 0.29a 0.26a 0.30ab 0.28a 0.28a 0.33b 0.00
Non-essential amino acids
 Aspartic acid 1.70a 1.98d 1.71a 1.79b 1.90c 1.77ab 2.05d 0.00
 Serine 0.85a 1.06c 0.95abc 0.90ab 1.02bc 0.96abc 1.02bc ns
 Glutamic acid 4.21c 4.69e 3.51a 3.95b 4.49d 4.41d 5.34f 0.00
 Proline 0.66ab 0.82c 0.65a 0.70abc 0.78bc 0.66ab 0.80c ns
 Glycine 0.82ab 0.90c 0.77a 0.78a 0.86ab 0.76a 0.83ab 0.00
 Alanine 1.69b 2.19f 1.92d 1.81c 2.10e 1.40a 1.72b 0.00
 Arginine 1.59e 1.48c 1.47c 1.53d 1.42b 1.29a 1.39b 0.00
 Cystine + cysteine 0.15a 0.25c 0.24c 0.15a 0.24c 0.18b 0.17b 0.00
Protein (% dry weight)
 Protein 2.92d 2.95d 2.82c 3.25a 2.23a 2.24a 2.64b 0.00
  1. Values are means; means within the same row followed by the same letters are not significantly different at P < 0.05 according to Duncan’s multiple range test, ns: non-significant difference