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Table 1 Interaction table

From: Identification of the natural product berberine as an antiviral drug

Hydrogen bonds Polar Hydrophobic Other
O2 (2) [3.34]–THR52 (OG1) O2 (2)[2.96]–GLN18 (OE1) C11(16) [3.82]LEU21 (CG) C11 (16)[3.79]–GLN18 (NE2, OE1)
  O1 (1)[3.21]–THR52 (OG1) C10 (15)[3.65]–VAL25 (CG2) C13 (18)[3.76]–GLN18 (OE1)
   C12 (17)[3.48]–VAL25 (CG2) O2 (2)[3.69]–GLN22 (CG)
   C10 (15)[3.12]– ILE48 (CB, CG2) C17 (22)[3.16]–GLN22 (CG)
   C1 (6)[3.32]–TYR51 (CB, CD2, CG) O1 (1)[3.12]–VAL25 (CB, CG2)
   C3 (8)[3.70]–ILE55 (CD1) O1 (1)[3.37]–ILE48 (CD1)
   C7 (12)[3.37]–ILE55 (CD1) N1 (5)[3.85]–TYR51 (CB)
   C9 (14)[3.87]–ILE55 (CD1) C10 (15)[3.88]–THR52 (OG1)
   C11 (16)[3.83]–ILE55 (CD1) C12 (17)[3.21]–THR52 (OG1)
    C13 (18)[3.28]–THR52 (OG1)
    C17 (22)[3.23]–THR52 (OG1)