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Table 1 Growth kinetic parameters of C. vulgaris inferred from a 5 day-growth period in Erlenmeyers

From: Development and testing of a 3D-printable polylactic acid device to optimize a water bioremediation process

  MS UcS Cil.W UcS MS CfS (r) Cil.W CfS (r)
μ 0.672* 0.186 0.341 0.165
dT 1 3.7 2 4.2
  1. Mean data from three independent experiments are shown. Asterisks indicate significant differences for the same substrate (p < 0.05)
  2. MS UcS unconfined system in Murashige Skoog (MS) culture medium, Cil.W UcS unconfined system in Cidáñez stream water, MS CfS (r) confined system in MS culture medium (red PLA devices), Cil.W CfS (r) confined system in Cidáñez stream water (red PLA devices)