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Table 2 Critical upregulated proteins based on proteomic analysis (10-day samples)

From: Comprehensive transcriptomic and proteomic analyses of antroquinonol biosynthetic genes and enzymes in Antrodia camphorata

Enzyme ID Gene P-value Function KEGG Class
ec: metK 0.008 S-Adenosylmethionine synthetase K00789 Transferring alkyl or aryl groups, other than methyl groups
ec: GST 1.5 × 105 Glutathione S-transferase K00799
ec: CoQ2 0.038 4-Hydroxybenzoate polyprenyltransferase K06125
ec: FDFT1 0.024 Farnesyl-diphosphate farnesyltransferase K00801
ec: aroF 0.010 3-Deoxy-7-phosphoheptulonate synthase K01626
ec: metE 0.002 5-Methyltetrahydropteroyltriglutamate-homocysteine methyltransferase K00549 Methyltransferases
ec: SMT1 0.043 Sterol 24-C-methyltransferase K00559
ec: SHMT 0.003 Glycine hydroxymethyltransferase K00600  Hydroxymethyl-, formyl- and related transferases
ec: AMT 0.014 Aminomethyltransferase K00605
ec: CS 0.015 Citrate synthase K01647 Acyltransferases; Acyl groups converted into alkyl groups on transfer
ec: ACLY 0.029 ATP citrate (pro-S)-lyase K01648
ec: IMS 0.029 2-Isopropylmalate synthase K01649
ec: ACSS1_2 0.036 Acetyl-CoA synthetase K01895 Forming carbon–sulfur bonds