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Table 1 Powdery mildew and downy mildew infected leaf samples of cucurbits hosts collected from different fields

From: Simultaneous detection of downy mildew and powdery mildew pathogens on Cucumis sativus and other cucurbits using duplex-qPCR and HRM analysis

Sl. no. Isolate name and code Host and place of collection Accession no.a Different PCR assays
1 Podosphaera xanthii (RPRCCs08) Cucumis sativus, Puri MN630275 +
2 P. xanthii (CmaKP15) Cucurbita maxima, Lucknow, UP NA +
3 P. xanthii (Mc06) Momordica charantia, Puri NA +
4 P. xanthii (Lc10) Luffa cylindrica, Cuttack NA +
5 P. xanthii (LaKPm02) Luffa acutangula, Keonjar KY319039 +
6 P. xanthii (Ls01) Lagenaria siceraria, Puri KU376473 +
7 P. xanthii (CsKP07) C. sativus, Keonjhar MN630273 +
8 P. xanthii (CmKP04) Cucumis melo, Lucknow, UP NA +
9 P. xanthii (LsKP02) L. siceraria, Lucknow, UP NA +
10 P. xanthii (CsKP09) C. sativus, Lucknow, UP MN630271 +
11 Pseudoperonospora cubensis (CsKDM11) C. sativus, Cuttack MN630274 +
12 P. cubensis (RPRCCs04) C. sativus, Keonjhar MH458898 +
13 P. cubensis (LcKDm02) L. cylindrica, Bhadrak KU041747 +
14 P. cubensis (CmKD04) C. maxima, Puri NA +
15 P. cubensis (Lc17) L. cylindrica, Keonjhar NA +
16 P. cubensis (LaKDm03) L. acutangula, Bhadrak NA +
17 P. cubensis (CsKD08) C. sativus, Lucknow, UP MN630272 +
18 P. cubensis (LA10) L. acutangula, Sitapur, UP NA +
19 P. cubensis (CM04) C. maxima, Lucknow, UP NA +
  1. aAccession number in Italics are from other studies