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Table 1 Location, number, and codes of Aguilla marmorata used in the study

From: Phylogenetic analysis of Anguilla marmorata population in Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam based on the cytochrome C oxidase I (COI) gene fragments

No. Sample collected Location 48 samples Name of sample GenBank accession number
1 Thao Long dam 10 HueDTL01, HueDTL02, HueDTL03, HueDTL04, HueDTL05, HueDTL10, HueDTL13, HueDTL21, HueDTL25, HueDTL28 MN067923–MN067932
2 Truoi dam 05 HueDTR01, HueDTR02, HueDTR03, HueDTR04, HueDTR05 MN067933–MN067937
3 Nam Dong 09 HueND01, HueND02, HueND03, HueND04, HueND05, HueND09, HueND14, HueND15, HueND16 MN067938–MN067946
4 Phong Dien 14 HuePD02, HuePD03, HuePD04, HuePD05, HuePD06, HuePD07, HuePD08, HuePD09, HuePD10, HuePD12, HuePD13, HuePD15, HuePD19, HuePD21 MN067947–MN067960
5 Phu Loc (Bu Lu and Lang Co) 10 HueBL01, HueBL02, HueBL07, HueBL08, HueBL15, HueBL18, HueBL20, HueBL22, HueLC01, HueLC02 MN067961–MN067970