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TableĀ 2 Species identification with the 16S rRNA and 18S rRNA genes from the total microbial community in the tunnel excavated by Euwallacea interjectus

From: Characterization of FsXEG12A from the cellulose-degrading ectosymbiotic fungus Fusarium spp. strain EI cultured by the ambrosia beetle

Accession number Closest relative species in BLAST analysis Identity scores %a Kingdom
LC537448 Acinetobacter sp. 100% (CP018259.1) Bacteria
LC537449 Alcaligenaceae sp. 99% (MF182113.1)
LC537450 Bordetella sp. 99% (AF227829.1)
LC537451 Brachybacterium sp. 100% (KX989329.1)
LC537452 Brevibacterium sp. 100% (NR_118221.1)
LC537453 Burkholderia sp. 98% (KM974662.1)
LC537454 Facklamia sp. 97% (KU747974.1)
LC537455 Flavobacterium sp. 99% (MF405100.1)
LC537456 Nocardiopsis sp. 100% (MG597576.1)
LC537457 Ochrobactrum sp. 100% (MF928349.1)
LC537458 Paracoccus sp. 98% (KT345705.1)
LC537459 Sphingobacterium sp. 97% (KF911124.1)
LC537460 Staphylococcus sp. 100% (EU629159.1)
LC537461 Streptomyces sp.1 96% (KY015030.1)
LC537462 Streptomyces sp.2 99% (KY015030.1)
LC534254 Fusarium spp. 99% (MF522223.1) Fungi
  1. aIdentity represents the sequence identity (%) compared with the 16S rRNA or 18S rRNA gene sequences registered in the GenBank database