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Table 2 Evaluation of media performance based on platform media

From: Rich production media as a platform for CHO cell line development

Media candidatesbRelative productivity for IgGdRelative productivity for recombinant proteindCell aggregationdTotal amino acid content range (excluding glutamine)a
CDM1c (CDM4CHO)ModerateModerateNegligible2.0–3.0
CDM2 (HyCell CHO)HighHighNegligible4.5–5.5
CDM3 (ActiPro)HighModerateNegligible6.5–7.5
CD FortiCHOHighHighUsually observed7.5–9.0
Cellvento CHO-210LowHighFrequently observed3.5–4.5
ExCell Advanced CHOModerateLowNegligible7.0–8.0
PowerCHO-2ModeratePoorUsually observed10.5–12.5
  1. aExpected ranges are from internal amino acid analysis and/or references (Reinhart et al. 2015; Carrillo-Cocom et al. 2015; Pan et al. 2017). Amino acids are detected (and reported in publications) as molar mass, so the amino acid concentration is calculated with molecular weight
  2. bCDM4CHO (GE Healthcare, Björkgatan, Uppsala, Sweden), HyCell CHO (GE Healthcare, Björkgatan, Uppsala, Sweden), ActiPro (GE Healthcare, Björkgatan, Uppsala, Sweden), CD FortiCHO (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, MA, US), Cellvento CHO-210 (Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany), ExCell Advanced CHO (SAFC Bioscience, St, Louis, Mo, USA), PowerCHO 2 (Lonza, Verviers, Belgium)
  3. cCDM1 is an earlier commercial CHO media. The rest are recent commercial CHO media according to our classification
  4. dThe cell lines tested here are developed from our CLD platform using CDM1, the results of each media here may be different in other cell lines