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Table 4 Relative abundance of PICRUSt-predicted reads annotated to genes for different compounds or elements metabolism

From: High-yield grass Pennisetum sinese Roxb plantation and organic manure alter bacterial and fungal communities structure in an ecological agriculture farm

Compounds or elements metabolismCKPP-OM
Nitrogen metabolism7.05 ± 0.05b7.08 ± 0.02b7.18 ± 0.02a
Phosphate metabolism2.19 ± 0.07a2.24 ± 0.01a2.26 ± 0.01a
Sulfur metabolism3.27 ± 0.05a3.16 ± 0.02b3.18 ± 0.01b
Carbon metabolism17.06 ± 0.11b16.99 ± 0.13b17.85 ± 0.11a
Metabolism of xenobiotics metabolism1.48 ± 0.02a1.52 ± 0.02a1.34 ± 0.03b
  1. Values were normalized by permillage. Means of three replicates per treatment are presented with standard deviation. The different alphabetic letters behind the data indicate the significant difference among different treatments