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Table 2 plasmids used and generated in this study

From: Identification of genes involved in xylose metabolism of Meyerozyma guilliermondii and their genetic engineering for increased xylitol production

pG-RU5RBackbone for knockout plasmids, URA5 marker(Millerioux et al. 2011)
pG-URA5-PACT1-TTRP1Expression plasmid backbone for protein expression in M. guilliermondii (= empty vector control [pU-EV])(Defosse et al. 2014)
pU-XDH-KOPlasmid for genomic knockout of XDH1 (PGUG_05726) with URA5This study
pU-XRPlasmid for the expression of XYL1 (PGUG_00922) in M. guilliermondii (= [pU-XR])This study
pU-XDH-XR-KOPlasmid for genomic replacement of XDH1 (PGUG_01218) by XYL1 (PGUG_00922)This study