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Table 1 M. guilliermondii strains generated and used in this study

From: Identification of genes involved in xylose metabolism of Meyerozyma guilliermondii and their genetic engineering for increased xylitol production

ATCC 6260wild type
KU141F1*ura5, ku70Δ(Foureau et al. 2013)
Ctrl (KU [EV])*ura5, ku70Δ[pG-URA5-PACT1-TTRP1](Foureau et al. 2013)/This study
xdh∆::URA5*ura5, ku70Δ, xdh1∆::URA5This study
xdhΔ*ura5, ku70Δ, xdh1Δ (xdh1∆::REP)[pG-URA5-PACT1-TTRP1]This study
KU [XR]*ura5, ku70Δ[pU-XR]This study
xdhΔ [XR]*ura5, ku70Δ, xdh1Δ (xdh1∆::REP)[pU-XR]This study
xdh∆::XR*ura5, ku70Δ, xdh1∆::XYL1This study
  1. * KU141F1 and hence all strains derived thereof are originated from the reference strain M. guilliermondii ATCC 6260