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Table 3 Response types of T1 and T2 positive plants at V1–V4 stage

From: Transgenic plant generated by RNAi-mediated knocking down of soybean Vma12 and soybean mosaic virus resistance evaluation

Generation No.Response typesTotal
T125.63% (41)49.37% (79)8.75% (14)16.25% (26)160
T260.54% (23)23.68% (9)7.89% (3)7.89% (3)38
  1. aHR high resistance, indicating that no any visible symptoms appeared on the observed leaves
  2. bMR delayed resistance, indicating that symptoms could be observed at V1 and V2 stage, but not at V3 and V4 stage
  3. cDR mild resistance, indicating that the symptoms appearing on the observed leaves were lighter than the symptoms of susceptible plants
  4. dS susceptible, indicating the symptoms were obvious and severe, which were similar to negative control