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Table 5 Calculations of effects and error limits for cycles I and II for amylase and protease

From: Combined ANN/EVOP Factorial Design Approach for Media Screening for Cost-effective Production of Alkaline Proteases from Rhizopus oryzae (SN5)/NCIM-1447 under SSF

 Protease (Cycle 1)Protease (Cycle 2)
 Effect of temperature (T)− 26.05− 7.55
 Effect of pH (P)11.707.11
 Effect of WB +SM ratio (R)30.5040.56
 Effect of TP13.2213.81
 Effect of TR34.5928.93
 Effect of PR61.3950.43
 Change in mean effect− 231.94− 214.54
 Standard deviation100.6593.03
Error limits
 For average± 142.32± 131.54
 For effects± 101.04± 93.40
 For change in mean± 89.68± 82.89