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Table 1 Bacterial strains

From: Bacterial delivery of the anti-tumor azurin-like protein Laz to glioblastoma cells

Bacterial strain Genotype or phenotype Reference/source
S. typhimurium
 S. typhimurium VNP 20009 (msbB) auxotrophic (purI) A kind gift from Prof. Brooks Low
 VNP-Laz S. Typhimurium VNP20009, pBsKSII-HIP-laz, ampR This study
E. coli
 XL1-Blue recA1, endA1 gyrA96 thi-1 hsdr17 sup E44 relA1 lacq ZΔ M15 Tn 10 (Tetr)] Stratagene
 BL21 (DE3) fhuA2 [lon] ompT gal (λ DE3) [dcm] ∆hsdS, λ DE3 = λ sBamHIo ∆EcoRI-B int::(lacI::PlacUV5::T7 gene1) i21 ∆nin5 NEB