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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids

From: Enhancing A82846B production by artificial attB-assisted overexpression of orf10orf11 genes in Kibdelosporangium aridum SIPI-3927

Strains or plasmidsDescriptionSource
Plasmid vectors
 pSET152acc(3)IV, oriTRK2, φC31, intBierman et al. (1992)
 pKC1139acc(3)IV, pSG5, oriTRK2Bierman et al. (1992)
 pSBJ153acc(3)IV, oriTRK2, kasO*P promoterWang et al. (2013)
 pKC1139-attBacc(3)IV, pSG5, oriTRK2, attBThis study
 pSET152-vcm8acc(3)IV, oriTRK2, Aprar, kasO*P, vcm8This study
 pSET152-orf10acc(3)IV, oriTRK2, Aprar, kasO*P, orf10This study
 pSET152-orf11acc(3)IV, oriTRK2, Aprar, kasO*P, orf11This study
 pSET152-orf12acc(3)IV, oriTRK2, Aprar, kasO*P, orf12This study
 pSET152-orf13acc(3)IV, oriTRK2, Aprar, kasO*P, orf13This study
 pSET152-orf10orf11acc(3)IV, oriTRK2, Aprar, kasO*P, orf10orf11This study
 E. coli DH5αHost for general cloningFENGHBIO, China
 E. coli ET12567/pUZ8002Donor strain for intergenetic conjugation between E. coli and Streptomyces, Kanr, ChlrFENGHBIO, China
 A. orientalis ATCC 43491Vancomycin-producing the parental strainATCC
 K. aridum SIPI-3927 (CGMCC 4.7675)A82846B-producing strainCGMCC
 SIPI-3927-attBSIPI-3927, attBThis study
 SIPI-pSET152SIPI-3927-attB, pSET152This study
 SIPI-3927-C1SIPI-3927-attB, pSET152-vcm8This study
 SIPI-3927-C2SIPI-3927-attB, pSET152-orf10This study
 SIPI-3927-C3SIPI-3927-attB, pSET152-orf11This study
 SIPI-3927-C4SIPI-3927-attB, pSET152-orf12This study
 SIPI-3927-C5SIPI-3927-attB, pSET152-orf13This study
 SIPI-3927-C6SIPI-3927-attB, pSET152-orf10orf11This study