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Table 4 Analysis of variance (ANOVA) for the response surface of full quadratic model used for optimization of four categories of additives (A, cane molasses; B, combined nitrogenous mixture; C, casein hydrolysate; D, glucose)

From: Screening for efficient nitrogen sources for overproduction of the biomass of the functionally probiotic L. plantarum strain RPR42 in a cane molasses-based medium

SourceSum of squaresDegree of freedomMean squareF Valuep-value Prob > F
Model6.37140.46343.73< 0.0001
A-cane molasses0.7610.76571.23< 0.0001
B-combined nitrogenous mixture1.0711.07805.92< 0.0001
C-casein hydrolysate1.4911.491125.63< 0.0001
D-glucose0.1410.14106.57< 0.0001
AB0.3410.34258.53< 0.0001
BC0.6010.60453.74< 0.0001
BD0.1410.14106.23< 0.0001
CD0.07310.07355.07< 0.0001
A20.2610.26198.31< 0.0001
B21.6011.601209.98< 0.0001
C20.4310.43328.40< 0.0001
D20.1710.17125.91< 0.0001
Lack of fit0.016101.641E−0036.150.0808
  1. Adj R-squared: 0.9944, Pred R-squared: 0.9850, Adeq precision: 70.379