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Table 2 Substrate specificity analysis of recombinant enzyme and the original enzyme

From: Cloning and characterization of low-temperature adapted GH5-CBM3 endo-cellulase from Bacillus subtilis 1AJ3 and their application in the saccharification of switchgrass and coffee grounds

Substrate (1%)Glucan linkageRelative activity (%)
Barley glucanβ-1,3-1,4 glucan linkage168.47 ± 1.79
Laminarinβ-1,3 and β-1,6 glucan linkage7.14 ± 0.12
Pullulanα-1,4 and α-1,6 glucan linkageND
Maltoseα-1,4 glucan linkageND
Avicelβ-1,4 glucan linkage11.01 ± 0.91
Filter paper46.97 ± 0.88
Xylan from Beechwoodβ-1,4 glucan linkage13.95 ± 0.33
CMC-Na100.00 ± 1.17
  1. Depending on the substrate, activity was determined under optimal conditions. Enzyme activity using substrate of 1% CMC-Na was set of 100%
  2. ND no detectable activity