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Table 2 Overview of the different pretreatment procedures taken in this study

From: Production of tailor-made enzymes to facilitate lipid extraction from the oleaginous yeast Schwanniomyces occidentalis

Sample numberMethod/added chemicalEffect
11 M NaClOsmotic pressure
21 M NaOHStrong base
31 M NH4OHWeak base
41 M HClStrong acid
51 M H3PO4Weak acid
61 M CH3COOHWeak acid
7Microwave (700 W/10 min)Heat/radiation
81% (v/v) Triton X-100Detergent
91% (v/v) Tween-80Detergent
1050 mM DTTDetergent
11Autoclaved (121 °C/20 min)Heat/pressure
12Demi water + demi waterNegative control
13Demi water + TMEsNegative control
141 M NaOH + demi waterNegative control
151 M HCl + demi waterNegative control
16Autoclaved (121 °C/20 min) + demi waterNegative control
  1. A volume of 3 mL of 30% (v/v) fat Schwanniomyces occidentalis cells was submitted to 10 mL of a chemical listed below. For the microwave, autoclave sterilization, and negative control, 10 mL of demi water was used. Pretreatments were performed for 24 h unless stated otherwise