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Table 1 Biochemical characteristics of the R8 strain

From: A candidate probiotic strain of Enterococcus faecium from the intestine of the crucian carp Carassius auratus

Oxidative/fermentativeOAcid formation from
VogesProskauer test Arabinose+
Methyl red test+ Saligenin+
NO3 reductase+ Sorbitol
Growth on Mannitol+
 At 0% of NaCl+ Sucrose+
 At 3% of NaCl+ Xylose
 At 6% of NaCl+ Raffinose
 At 8% of NaCl+ Glucose+
 At 10% of NaCl+ Lactose+
 4 °CUtilization of
 42 °C+ Gluconate
Production ofHydrolysis of
 Oxidase+ Urea+
 Catalase Bile esculin+
 Arginine hydrolase+ Amylum+
  1. “+”, positive; “−”, negative