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Table 1 Orthologous MUT promoters of related species and endogenous P. pastoris promoters used in this study

From: Orthologous promoters from related methylotrophic yeasts surpass expression of endogenous promoters of Pichia pastoris

TypeAbbreviationSpeciesGene nameRegulation in native speciesLength (bp)GC content (%)
Orthologous promotersHpFMDHansenula polymorphaFormate dehydrogenaseStrongly derepressed, methanol inducible62353.3
HpMOXHansenula polymorphaMethanol oxidaseStrongly derepressed, methanol inducible151056.0
CbFLD1Candida boidiniiFormaldehyde dehydrogenaseModerately derepressed, methanol inducible57231.6
CbAOD1Candida boidiniiAlcohol oxidase 1Moderately derepressed, methanol inducible165228.6
PmMOD1Pichia methanolicaMethanol oxidase 1Strongly derepressed, methanol inducible115737.9
PmMOD2Pichia methanolicaMethanol oxidase 2Tightly repressed, methanol inducible166237.3
P. pastoris endogenous promotersPpAOX1Pichia pastorisAlcohol oxidase 1Tightly repressed, methanol inducible94042.6
PpCAT1Pichia pastorisCatalase 1Moderately derepressed, methanol inducible50040.8
PpGAPPichia pastorisGlyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenaseConstitutive48646.7
  1. Moderately derepressed: < 50% of methanol induced levels; strongly derepressed: > 50% of methanol induced levels [according to the data by (Hartner and Glieder 2006)]. Promoter lengths used in this study are listed and deviate in part slightly form values reported in the literature (see “Materials and methods” section and Additional file 1: S2)