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Table 1 Ingredients and chemical composition of the experimental diets (dry matter basis%)

From: Specific enrichment of microbes and increased ruminal propionate production: the potential mechanism underlying the high energy efficiency of Holstein heifers fed steam-flaked corn

Ingredient %
 Alfalfa hay13.913.9
 Corn silage20.420.4
 Steam flaked corn39.8 
 Finely ground corn 39.8
 Soybean meal11.211.2
Chemical composition
 Dry matter, %55.555.8
 CP, %13.814.0
 Starch, %33.533.0
 NDF, %23.523.5
 ADF, %15.415.5
  1. SFC steam flaked corn treatment, FGC finely ground corn treatment
  2. aEach kilogram contained 1800 mg Fe, 350 mg Cu, 2160 mg Mn, 2660 mg Zn, 14 mg Se, 21 mg I, 18 mg Co, 180 000 IU vitamin A, 45 000 IU vitamin D and 2150 IU vitamin E